Top 5 Tourism Places in Dubai

top 5 dubail places - 12 july

Tourism is one of the leading industries of the world. Leading world economies realize the importance of this factor and thus have s great stress on the development of this industry. When it comes to tourism Dubai can simply be categorized as the landmark of the modern world. Filled with so many places to visit one’s mind is often baffled on where to go during the short span of time to make his or her time in Dubai truly memorizing. People often ask the question about “Where to go in Dubai?” and “What Dubai tourism places are the finest?”

To help our baffled customers who seek tourism guidance, Brilliant tourism gives you a list of top five places in Dubai that must be visited.

  • Palm Jumeirah

There is nothing man-made compared to this landmark of architecture and engineering. Palm Jumeirah resembles a highly decorated palm tree from the sky and has been known formally as the eighth wonder of the world. Truly there is nothing like the sight of this aesthetic symbol of beauty. The first installment of the palm Islands it is filled with beautiful resorts and hotels which are landmark of their own. With Brilliant tourism you can sail and cruise around this beautiful landmark or go around Palm monorail running across the magnificent Atlantis resort.

  • Mall of Emirates

Ever wondered of snowfall in the desert, this illusion came to be a reality when Ski Dubai began operational in the great mall of Emirates. Having more than 650 retail outlets, 100 restaurants and hotels 250 flagship stores and 80 luxury stores, Mall of Dubai is nothing less than a paradise for the people enthusiastic about shopping. Brilliant tourism takes you inside this gem of a mall which at the World Travel Awards in London was named as the World’s leading new shopping mall. So stop wondering where to go in Dubai and get packing.

  • Burj Khalifa

What’s more to say about this place than the fact that nothing is compared to this architectural beauty. The world’s tallest sky scrapper is something that everyone wants to see. An iconic tower of the height 828 meters Burj Khalifa is your answer of where to go in Dubai.

  • Wild Wadi Water Park

After spending time in the desert water is something people want to get into. One of the best of water parks in the world and situated next to Burj Al Arab, the park is filled with adventurous rides to make you go nuts and relive your childhood. A treat in the summer by Brilliant tourism, Wild Wadi Park gives you a time of a life to make your holidays worth remembering.

  • Mall of Dubai

People who are up for massive shopping and can’t get enough from one mall, Mall of Dubai is your place to be. The largest and unarguably one of the best shopping malls in the world, Mall of Dubai is the home of the Dubai shopping festival. From the architecture to the brands this place has so much to offer to the people visiting it. From entertainment to cuisine, from fashion to business, this mall has to offer great deal of variety.

So book your seats and have your summers in fun with Brilliant Tourism.